Medical Professional Testimonials

Albany PT has helped my patients return to their normal lives after injuries or accidents. They have been really supportive and accommodating. I really appreciate all their experienced therapists; they are very thorough and are dedicated to helping my patients return to normal function.

- Margaret Kirkham FNP-C

"Albany PT has my highest recommendation. I have entrusted them not only with the care of several of my patients, but also with my own care/rehab when recovering from shoulder surgery."

- Dr. Immanuel Asuncion

"Albany Physical Therapy is a superior group of skilled professionals that provide a supportive, effective environment for my patients. They develop tremendous working relationships with their patients that translates into healing. They have my highest endorsement."

- Chad A. Roghair, MD

"Simple. I send patients there. They get better."

- S. Whitgob, M.D.

"In my role as an Orthopedic Physician Assistant for the past 17 years I have worked with a great number of physical therapists. With this background I write in support of the Albany Physical Therapy staff whom I have known for over 14 years.

Throughout this time I have been extremely impressed by their commitment, intelligence, and an unbelievable willingness to help their patients.

They have always stayed in touch about all our patients, sent regular updates, they have called and emailed, when a patient was having a problem or not progressing as expected. They have gone above and beyond what most physical therapist do for their patients these days. The patient has always come first.

They stay updated on new protocols and abreast of new techniques, research and recommendations for treatment. Each physical therapist at Albany Physical Therapy has many years of experience.

The administration staff goes out of their way to help patients with their insurance, calling to advocate for them, they work the schedule as much as possible to get the patient in, and express genuine concern for them with their conditions.

My patients have had great success by doing their rehab with Albany Physical Therapy. My patients have always been pleased with the compassionate, expert care they received. The staff provides top notch, cutting edge therapy in a friendly, fun environment as well as excellent communication with our office."

- Gaye DeRusso, PA-C