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"I could not be happier with my physical therapy experience at Albany PT. I had weekly sessions with Laurie Hettinga for about 3 months due to grade 1 spondylolisthesis, disc bulging and stenosis. When I started, I had a good amount of pain shooting through my hips and legs that was preventing me from sitting down, running, bending, twisting and doing many basic daily activities and any sports. Laurie was extremely thorough and considerate in assigning to me properly regressed exercises to slowly strengthen the muscles necessary to stabilize my spine. Over the three months, my condition improved substantially and that's 100% due to Lauries knowledge and help in finding just the right exercises and progressions. I have received PT for a knee surgery in the past and the help I got at Albany PT was far more personalized and thoughtful. 6 out 5, would recommend. "
Jan 27, 2021
"I have been here twice as a patient, both before and after total hip replacement. My therapist was Tenzin both times. I found him knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. He was very responsive to my concerns about the exercises he prescribed. I actually ended my post op visits early as my hip feels so good that I’m back to all my usual activities. I didn’t want to take a spot from someone who might need it more. I’ll continue to do the ones he gave me on my own at home and hope my flexibility improves. I’m not holding out a lot of hope as I was never very flexible and at my age I’m not going to be doing the splits! Thank you Tenzin!"
Mar 10, 2020
" Dear Liz: Thank you for getting me to "Graduation" this round. I believe that the exercise program you set up for me going forward is perfect! With appreciation and sincerity, Your Healthy Patient, Schuyler"
Jun 10, 2019
"Great practice!"
Jan 11, 2018


Daniel Abruzzi, PT, DPT

  • “The physical therapy team is friendly and welcoming. Most importantly they really listen and are skilled at what they do. I received an excellent assessment of my shoulder problem and good relief. Excellent!”

Kristin Corzine, PT, MPT, OCS

  • “I have nothing but praise for the skills and knowledge of Kristin at Albany Physical Therapy.

    Problems with a foot got so bad I could barely walk. I have now had about 5 physical therapy sessions with Kristin, and my improvement is remarkable!

    Last Saturday I hiked in Tilden for three hours! I am not back to 100% function yet, but I am well on my way to a full recovery.”

  • “Have joint pain or muscle aches? To get relief here’s what it takes: ALBANY PHYSICAL THERAPY will heal and repair through tender, loving, professional care.

    Kudos to Kristin for her kindness and concern.”

  • “The APT group is wonderful, very professional. I am so grateful to Kristin for getting back on track with my neck. Kristin truly has magic hands.”

  • “Kristin was absolutely wonderful. Her skilled hands helped heal the tendons on my sprained ankle, and the exercises she gave me further accelerated the recovery process.”

  • “Kristin is fantastic! Extremely knowledgeable and skilled — made a huge improvement.”

Susan Freightman, PT, MPT, CSCS

  • “Susan is great. My injury is improved after 2 years. She is a great diagnostician and methodical in her approach.”

  • “Thanks to Susan, I can continue my work at International Bird Rescue. My back feels much better and stronger!”

  • “I was referred to Albany Physical Therapy by my sports medicine doc in February, while training for the Oakland Marathon, after I started experiencing pain along the outside of my knee, what I figured was IT band syndrome. I saw Susan and after just a couple of sessions and a handful of recommended strengthening exercises, I bounced back incredibly quickly and managed to get right back on track with training in time to complete the marathon!”

Elizabeth Jennings, PT, MSPT, Neuro-IFRAH®

  • “I just returned after a session with Liz and am writing my first Yelp review. A tendonitis leading to nerve damage caused by the surgical boot left me on crutches and clueless. I have had ten weeks and four doctors dealing with each incident as it arose.

    She has been the first to see the whole picture. Her professional approach and plan of care has given me much needed hope and support.”

  • “I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the care you provided me over the past eight weeks. Your intake procedure was comprehensive and kind. It was clear to me that you were closely listening to every detail of the severe car accident I had experienced years ago and to the resulting damage to my spinal column.

    You carefully tested me with gentle exercises and stretches I could do and you provided me with specific written instructions for each of them…

    I was in pain and having difficulty walking when I arrived at your facility. After these eight weeks of physical therapy, I am free, walking normally, and will continue the exercises you provided.

    I was referred to APT by a good friend. I will do the same, and refer anyone who asks me, to your care and to your organization.”

  • “And Liz has got me walking. Not exactly running, mind you. But definitely improving…walking with a regular wooden cane, (think of Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey) and now, aiming to throw the cane away. Or at least use it as an eccentric prop.

    Great place. Clean. Friendly. Professional. In an era which no longer repeats this mantra, Albany Physical Therapy still should use the slogan “yes, we can.”

    Because trust me on this…

    They can get you walking. Really.”

Tamara Schmidt, PT, MSPT

  • “You helped me heal my tennis elbow at the end of last year and I wanted to say thanks! Again, I am so grateful. ”

  • “Dear Tamara,
    A thank you note to let you know I appreciate you and the tool box of spine care you gave me!
    It’s all working- I feel great, swimming, walking and loving life again.”

Tenzin Wangdu, PT

  • “Awesome PT! Skilled and professional, and always with a smile!”

  • “Dear Tenzin,
    I am deeply grateful for your help in my recovery from a total knee replacement. You also recognized that I needed work with walking and balance due to my back surgery/nerve damage 1 ½ years ago. This has made an enormous difference in my everyday life. To be able to walk with more ease and go outside makes me feel normal again.
    Thank you”